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Suscon Blocks

Your Complete Wall Solution

Completely awesome, that is! Engineers and architects around the world use Redi-Rock to design proven, aesthetic retaining wall solutions that solve real issues in their communities. Our team is committed to providing quality materials and superior customer service to make your retaining or freestanding wall project a success.

Gravity Retaining

Like Atlas, these massive blocks literally hold up the earth—the sheer size and weight of each block utilizes the power of gravity to create strong, beautiful walls. The Redi-Rock gravity system minimizes excavation and features multiple batter options to allow taller walls.

Strong. Flexible. Beautiful.

Yes, we’re talking about retaining walls here!
Anywhere you need a retaining wall, Redi-Rock can help you create usable land.
How are engineers, developers, installers, and home owners using Redi-Rock today?


Redi-Rock walls help protect shorelines, create space for stormwater channels and retention ponds, and save neighborhoods from flooding. That’s because these walls can be built with minimal space requirements, are easy to install, and can be reinforced to withstand incredible storms.


Whether you need to create flat space on a hilly lot or protect your home from erosion, Redi-Rock provides the flexibility you need. With our products, you can build the terrain you need to make your property’s land more usable to meet you and your household’s outdoor needs.


For rail projects, space is often limited and live loads are a major issue. Designers turn to Redi-Rock for rail projects because their engineering and utility makes a ton of sense in these conditions. With our retainer wall solutions, you can make railroad way more eye-pleasing for the local residents, businesses, and passersby.


Redi-Rock’s superior aesthetics allow municipalities to create a great look throughout their infrastructure projects. Redi-Rock is also incredibly easy to install, meaning that municipalities can often use their own crews for installing Redi-Rock walls.


Developments need a retaining wall that will maximize usable land and install quickly. Redi-Rock walls are an ideal solution for leveling lots, supporting buildings, and making space for parking.

Power Industry

When new electrical substations are going in, they need a level area for construction. Unlike many other retaining wall options, Redi-Rock walls can be built incredibly close to property lines. Redi-Rock even works for solar projects where the land needs to be level or a certain gradation to accommodate solar panel arrays.


Whether you need abutments, wing walls, or retaining walls leading up to your bridge, you can design a solution using Redi-Rock. Our products can help spruce up the appearance of your local bridges without undergoing major rehabilitation work.


Redi-Rock offers retainer walls and blocks that can line your roads and highways for various purposes. Whether its to enhance appearances, separate homes and businesses from loud or busy roadways, or act as a barrier from unwanted or eyesore surroundings (e.g., woods, runoff ponds, etc.). Our different designs and textures can fit with your surroundings to create a clean look around your roads and highways.

Textures To Make Your Project Look Awesome

Three main Redi-Rock textures are available. If your project needs different or custom designs, other options are available upon request (supplies limited and additional manufacturing costs and time may apply). Suscon Products and Redi-Rock’s experts have tremendous experience in crafting and engineering custom retainer walls to deliver the look and feel that fits your project’s needs.


Redi-Rock Ledgestone is extremely popular because of its random, stacked stone appearance. Ten reversible face molds offer up to 115 square feet (10.5 square meters) of non-repeating pattern.


With Redi-Rock Cobblestone, each block has the appearance of six smaller blocks, but still weighs over one-ton. With two reversible face options, you can create up to 23 square feet (2 square meters) of non-repeating texture.


Redi-Rock Limestone blocks feature a natural split limestone texture that beautifully mimics actual stone. These blocks utilize a patented interlocking knob-and-groove system for easy installation and look great in any setting.

Suscon Steel

Suscon Steel provides our custom fabricated steel, stainless steel and sheet metal at our unique local facility. Suscon Steel offers a full line of custom and production services, including rolling cylinders up to 8’ – 0”. We utilize technology combined with creative problem solving to deliver the highest quality product at a most competitive price.

Proven Strength

Our time-tested manufacturing processes enable us to offer clients small to medium production runs with both stringent and flexible lead times. We are proud to offer our clients top quality products, excellent service and competitive pricing.

Suscon Stacks

For the past four decades, Suscon Stacks has specialized in the design and fabrication of factory built refractory lined chimneys.

Free-Standing Stacks

When your requirements for stack performance are quality, longevity and aesthetics, Suscon Stacks engineered, free-standing stacks are the industry standard. No wires or lateral bracing — it is designed to stand by itself.

Durability & Reliability

We are one of the few companies in the nation with an Underwriters Listing – UL-959: Medium Heat Appliance Factory Built Chimney. In addition, we have specially formulated refractories for flue gas temperatures ranging from 300 degrees F to 3000 degrees F.