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2022 End of Year Review

Looking Back on an Exciting Year We want to take a moment to thank those involved with Suscon Products / Redi Rock, from a referral, to a new customer, to our long term customers. Thank you! It was a busy, but exciting year full of new projects and new markets. We pride ourselves on high quality work and a quick turnaround. Below we are reflecting back on some of our key projects in 2022. Suscon (Redi Rock) Walls are unique because they work across many different spaces – residential, commercial, and industrial. Additionally, this year we completed our largest project …

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It’s not dredged material. It’s valuable sediment. And the Port of Baltimore wants you to have some.

From the Baltimore Business Journal: new-uses-for-dredged-material.html  Millions of cubic yards of sediment are dredged from the port of Baltimore every year, and the state of Maryland is running out of space to put it. But what if dredged material wasn’t just the stuff scraped up from the bottom of the Chesapeake Bay? What if it was actually a valuable resource? That was the pitch of two Maryland Port Administration officials to a room full of investors and entrepreneurs on Tuesday.  Kristen Fidler, director of the Office of Harbor Development, and Kristen Keene, chief of the port’s Dredged Material Management …

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Optimize Your Retaining Wall Design with Redi-Rock XL

Redi-Rock XL is a new, hollow-core retaining block that extends the reach of the most comprehensive retaining wall system on the market, making even taller gravity walls in tight spaces a short order. With the three different sizes, you’ll be able to take your walls to new heights while saving concrete at the same time!

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Governor, Board of Public Works Announces Innovation-Focused Partnership On January 27, 2021, Maryland’s Governor Larry Hogan and Board of Public Works (BPW) approved a contract award to Susquehanna Concrete Products Inc. (“Suscon Products”), to study and demonstrate the innovative reuse of dredged material sediment to manufacture certain products for use in construction. This includes production of general use concrete products, such as retainer walls and low-compression strength blocks. The award has been made in response to the Request for Proposals for Research & Development projects to advance innovative reuse as specified in the updated Innovative Reuse & Beneficial Use Strategy …

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Retaining Wall Installation

For contractors who install retaining walls, your business requires finding good, skilled labor. At Redi-Rock, our family-owned business has been in the trades for decades, and we recognize that’s becoming an even tougher challenge. With Redi-Rock, contractors require only 2-3 people and heavy machinery to average upwards of 700 square feet of installation a day once the base course was set. See how you can speed up your crews by using Redi-Rock on your retaining wall jobs in this installation video!

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